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Pre Beta 2.0

Originally, Undyne costed 11G, had stats of 7/7 and would deal 10 damage randomly split among all enemy monsters.

Undyne Updated

Post Beta 2.0

However, before Alpha 2.1, her effect could still target monsters that would've died. This made it so that even if the opponent's monsters had a total of 10 HP, not all of them would've died most of the time. Alpha 2.1 fixed that.

Undyne Updated(ed)

Post Beta 3.1

Beta 2.0 nerfed her by increasing the cost from 11G to 12G. Beta 3.1 increased her stats to 8/8, but decreased the damage from her ability by 2, making it deal 8 damage randomly split. Beta 6.5 increased her price again, this time to 14G.
Undyne (Beta 7.5)

Post Beta 6.5

Beta 7.6 reworked the function of her ability again. Now, it can also target monsters that have been summoned due to Dust effects of other monsters, like those of Lamp and Snow Poff, who were added in the same update.

Beta 8.3 decreased her cost from 14G to 13G.

April Fools 2017 had Undyne's picture changed to the sexy fish meme. It also gave a Super colored card of her.



  • 7 (Pre Beta 3.1)
  • 8 (Post Beta 3.1, Current)


  • 7 (Pre Beta 3.1)
  • 8 (Post Beta 3.1, Current)


  • 11 (Pre Beta 2.0)
  • 12 (Post Beta 2.0)
  • 14 (Post Beta 6.5)
  • 13 (Post Beta 8.3, Current)


  • Battlecry/Enter/Magic: Deal 10 damage randomly split among all enemy monsters. (Pre Alpha 2.1)
  • [Cannot target dead monsters.] (Post Alpha 2.1)
  • Battlecry/Enter/Magic: Deal 8 damage randomly split among all enemy monsters. (Post Beta 3.1)
  • [Can target summoned monsters.] (Post Beta 7.6, Current)

Rarity: Gold (Legendary)


Super colored Undyne

Super colored Undyne

Undyne (April Fools '17 Updated)

Sexy Fish

Shiny april fools undyne

Sexy Fish (Shiny)

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