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Undyne is a great monster that can quickly change the tide of war. She has fairly hefty pricetag, however with her ability to deal 8 damage split randomly upon the enemy monsters on the field, she can quickly kill off or weaken most of the enemy simply by entering play.


Best played when the enemy has a total of 8 HP among their monsters, so she can clear out the entire board. She can also be used in combination with Asgore, although that comes at an enourmous price of 26G. Undyne works very well against monsters with Dodge (this being Sans and Sad Dragon only), as because of the 8 × 1 damage ability, they will most likely die because of it. This card is useful in most decks, however particularly so with Determination and Justice.

Creatues like Mad Dummy cannot be killed by Undyne's ability as it distributes the attack 1 damage at a time upon the monsters.
Undertale OST - NGAHHH! Extended

Undertale OST - NGAHHH! Extended

Undyne's Theme when played. It ends at around 0:05.


  • For April Fools' 2017, the picture was replaced with the 'sexy fish' meme picture.
  • Also, an fake 'Super colored card' was made for this monster.