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There are 3 modes - Classic, Ranked, and Custom.

Beta 19.0 - New daily reward system and balancing (February 10th, 2018)
Loyalty Points have been replaced by Daily Rewards

We have added to your account 1 DT Fragment every 45 Loyalty Points you had and 1 pack every 2 Loyalty Points remaining. Number of DT Fragments required to craft a DT card : 2 -> 4. Number of DT Fragments given for disenchanting a DT card : 1 -> 2. We have doubled the amount of DT Fragments you had before the update

Test Of Will has replaced Heal Delivery!

Omega Flowey, Yellow Snail, Madjick, Grillby, Shambling Mass, Reaper Bird, Chilldrake, Snail Trainer, Everyman, Sans Thundersnail and Copycat has all been buffed!

Echo Fish and Heal Delivery has been reworked!

Moldbygg, Ferry, MTT Fountain, Coffin, Lamp, Endogeny, Hyper Goner and Contamination has all been nerfed!

What do you think about the new Daily Rewards

The poll was created at 14:32 on February 10, 2018, and so far 49 people voted.

Undercards Trailer 2018

Undercards Trailer 2018

About Undercards
Undercards is a multiplayer card game based on the famous game Undertale.

The gameplay is simple and partially inspired by Hearthstone.
Build your decks with monsters from the underground and win battles against other players or your friends. Games are fast with only 25 cards per deck and 30 hp per player ! Play to earn gold, and use gold to buy card packs and maybe you will get your favorite monster !

A major update + new card(s) every Saturday besides from some occasions. Please note we also reset the server once a day for a minute.