Tsunderplane (Original)

Original version

Current version can be seen here.


Pre Beta 1.6

Tsunderplane is one of those cards that got changed very early, which ended up lost. While it's only their ability that got changed so early, its a rather big one.
Updated Tsundere (now with more Baka)

Post Beta 1.6

This is because Tsunderplane originally restored 5 HP to its owner upon death, making it an upgraded version of Vegetoid. This was later nerfed to only healing 3 HP upon death.

Beta 1.6 changed it again, this time to the version we now know: dealing 1 damage to all enemies upon death, making it more useful as both a powerful charge, but also a substitute of Woshua that can also damage the enemy, an ability that is later given to Mettaton NEO as well.


ATK: 5

HP: 3

Cost: 8


  • Charge. Deathrattle/Death/Dust: Heal its owner by 5 HP. (Original)
  • Charge. Deathrattle/Death/Dust: Heal its owner by 3 HP. (Pre Beta 1.6)
  • Charge. Deathrattle/Death/Dust: Deal 1 damage to all enemies. (Post Beta 1.6, Current)

Rarity: White (Common)

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