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Pre Beta 2.0

Originally Toriel's ability allowed her to bring the ATK of just a single monster to 1, but this included your cards as well. She was a 4/6 monster with a cost of 7G.

Updated Toriel

Post Beta 2.0

Beta 2.0 decreased that to 6G, making her a good counter to opponents who spent all their gold on summoning a powerful monster early in game.
5.2 Toriel

Beta 5.2 only

Beta 5.2 made her improve in everything in order to make her on par with the other legendaries, including her ex-husband Asgore. To do so, her ability was upgraded. Now, she will make the ATK of ALL enemy monsters to 1. However, you can now no longer use it on your own mosters (that role has somewhat been given to Faun). Her ATK and HP also increased, making them equal to Asgore, being 7/8. Her cost increased to 11G.
5.3 Toriel

Post Beta 5.3

Beta 5.3 increased her cost from 11G to 13G. This was done to make her Cost equal to Asgore's as well.

Beta 8.1 nerfed her by also giving all enemy monsters Taunt. This can really backfire if the opponent plays Asriel, which restores their ATK, but keeps Taunt on them. Beta 8.3 reduced her cost from 13G back to 11G for this, no longer matching Asgore's.


Toriel (Beta 8.1)

Post Beta 8.1


  • 4 (Pre Beta 5.2)
  • 7 (Post Beta 5.2, Current)


  • 6 (Pre Beta 5.2)
  • 8 (Post Beta 5.2, Current)


  • 7 (Pre Beta 2.0)
  • 6 (Post Beta 2.0)
  • 11 (Beta 5.2)
  • 13 (Post Beta 5.3)
  • 11 (Post Beta 8.3, Current)


  • Battlecry/Enter/Magic: Set the ATK of a monster to 1. (Pre Beta 5.2)
  • Battlecry/Enter/Magic: Set the ATK of all enemy monsters to 1. (Post Beta 5.2)
  • Battlecry/Enter/Magic: Set the ATK of all enemy monsters to 1 and give Taunt to them. (Post Beta 8.1, Current)

Rarity: Gold (Legendary)

Song: Heartache

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