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Card Skin (Toriel)

Goat Mama

When placed on the board, Toriel will change the attack of all enemy monsters to 2. This in result increases the ATK of those with 0-1. Her stats are the same as Asgore's, just like in Undertale (where they both have 80 ATK and 80 DEF). Only her cost and ability are different, being -3G and making the board subdued instead of dead.

Card Skin (Toriel) 2

Final Warning


The biggest problem that Toriel now gives is that if the enemy uses Asriel, their monsters will be removed of their ATK drops (but not give them back their potential buffed ATK). So Toriel's best counter is her own child. Because of this, it's best to save this card for the late game when there is a higher chance of the opponent using their better cards and already used Asriel.
Card Skin (Toriel) 3

Hawaii Dancer


Toriel is best used in an Integrity Deck, as Break can return Toriel for multiple uses. But Integrity is also the best counter to Toriel, alongside Determination, as they can use Break and Will to Fight respectively whenever they have a full board of 2 ATK monsters, so they can restore the chosen monster and place a new one. Not recommended in tandem with the Memorial Statue as this will just cancel out her effect. Toriel is also useful in the Kindness deck as setting up a low attack taunt card like Ice or Moldbygg and applying Longevity or place down Diamond Boy 1 to it can prolong the time the subdued cards stay on the board.
Undertale OST - Heartache Extended

Undertale OST - Heartache Extended

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Card Skins:

  • Goat Mama (by Moonlightring)
  • Final Warning (by Darky)
  • Hawaii Dancer (by Martb.y)