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    on the time where i started to play undercards i played a lot of kindness so i started to think in season 3 how to get the highest Dmg out and kind of good counter mesures against some decks (it sures can be getting better with more cards but i play with the cards i have) and i just love that class.


    Force of Nature(1)2x : 

    This is one card that u can use offensively but also defensively in this deck because it can sometime sustain one more hit or survives one more turn to get some countermesures and for 1 cost is it a very usefull card but u rly need only 2 of them because 3 r to much for a dead hand.

    Heal(2)1x ''''':

    This card is even good but the Buffs and nerfs what it got makes it still a very usefull card. with 3 heals can it heal just like force of nature to sustain one more attack or to be able to destroy the enemy monster and yours will survive and with the draw engine of that card u can have one more card that can maybe change the game. i prefer to use that card 1-2 times (sometimes it can be frustrating having 2 and u play against determination because u get mostly fast out of cards).

    Temmie(2)2x : 

    Temmie is in a lot of decks good, but i use this little cuty to pressure or finish an enemy, but also for destroying some monsters because they can attack on the time they summoned (except for patience), i prefer to use 2 of them because 3 r to much and 1 doesnt always helps much.

    Longevity(3)3x :

    Longevity is one of your best cards for any therms because u double your hp of your monster which is in one part essential to one turn kill(otk) with madjick but for the defensiv is it also so strong to sustain a lot of dmg which can let u survive for one more turn or even your monster survives. I use it 3 times for that otk possibility even u mostly need only 2 but 3 r for beeing sure. 

    Shyren(3)2x :

    Shyren is the card for survival, healing up for otk or rescuing your monster comrates from dying, because it heals 4 hp which is even more than the kindness spell heal which is only 3 and for the cost of 3 is it very cost efficient to many cards. I use it 2 times because u have an muffet in your deck, so if u dont have muffet use an 3rd shyren for exchange(maybe i would change it to Frisk but i dont have frisk so i take what i have).

    Glad Dummy (4) 2x: 

    Glad dummy has an awesome ability which makes any monster on your side of the field gets the taunt effect, which u usually use in combination with mettaton who can survive up to 5 hits (can be more if hp boosted ) and makes it for the enemy very annoying to get trough to your hp , so u can regen if u r injured . i use only 2 glad dummys because u can have only 2 mettatons in the deck and if u cant have 3 mettatons u dont need 3 glad dummys and because of that the 3rd one is hard to discard properbly.

    Mettaton(4) 2x: 

    Explanation stands by dummy

    Alphys(5) 2x: 

    Alphys is a monster what u usually use to get strong Amalgamates with low costs and help with the pretty hp amount and the 3 atk to get rid of enemy monsters. I use at the moment 2 alphys because it works pretty well like that .

    Madjick(5) 3x: 

    Madjick is your keycard for your Otk ,because with changed attack and defense u can one shot them if they dont have a taunter but its also very usefull to change enemys atk. and def. to get lower defensiv stats to kill them with undyne. It helps also to stay sometimes alive because the atk. beraly isnt enough which let u survive one more turn . but kep in mind that it can kills u too. i run 3 for having an backup if i need it to kill the enemy monster or to survive and then summon another one to do the otk.

    Rock(6) 3x:  

    Rock is your main defense in this Deck because if the enemy is playing bravery and they took one of your taunts u can technically sacrifice it for the pebble who has again the taunt ,(beware of 3 anti taunter) it can also be used for the otk. it can also let u survive for more turn or maybe multiple turns (depends which player what monsters and stuff). u need 3 of those rocks but if u dont have 3 u can have instead jerrys they do theyre job still very good .

    Muffet(8) : 

    Muffet is your last resort to heal your hp up with its 4 atk and 9hp can it take a lot of dmg but it can take out some enemys with that decend atk. but if she kills one enemy u get 5 hp back and if u have space u get a small spider which cant attack its turn he's summoned but with 2 atk. can it still deal some dmg next turn . i use her once because the cost would be to high if u would use 2 of them.

    undyne(12) : 

    Undyne is the monster which u usually for clearing the enemy field and if needed to finish of the enemy monsters or finishing the game by herself.

    Toriel(13) :

    Toriel is your monster which u usually only use for getting more time against the enemy or forcing him to sacrifice them which is getting u some advantage sometime.

    (i would call the kindness OTK the cyanite)

    Matchups :

    Control justice :

    u get most of the time no monster on the field but u do u can pull of good dmg or even otk when u be able to do it. would think like an 40/60 matchup

    bravery otk/ neo : 

    as long u can sponge all his rounds i can easyly win this fight is mostly won because he gets out of cards. would its an 70/30 matchup.


    one of the hardest matchups in the game because if u cant rush him down he will make u die by making u out of cards while he is refilling his deck with mostly gaster blasters and recharging its life with asriel dreemurr. matchup would i say 20/80


    This matchup is pretty even in my opinion


    this matchup is just little bit bad ut not worse ,its like 45/55


    this matchup is rly bad bur it matters only about its regeneration is negated till u have 10 hp but the rest of the matchup is pretty even. in my opinion is it 35/65 

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