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    Hello Underfolks, i am Jojo and i am here to bring you to diamond !



    Silver ?

    Eh, don’t count on it.

    Whatever, i am here to talk about wining in undercards and this first page will talk about the basics. So… the guys who are always beating me up in ranked, do not read this, you don’t need it.

    This  « guide » will mostly talk about the little things you need to know about Undercards, not about a deck or a card in particular. So let’s get started.

    1. The Cards

    So… Hum… Yeah… The first things you need in Undercards are… cards. But, sadly, despite all our beloved staff’s work some cards are good, some are incredible, some are fair and some are terrible. So i’ll start by giving you a little list of good cards which can be played in almost all the deck. Those are the skeleton key of Undercards, they are almost never bad.

    A. Common

    • Endogeny : Welp, certainly the most played card in this game and for a good reason. For 7 Gold you get a monster 4/4, you get a monster out of your opponent bord and you can make him discard something if he already got 6 cards in hand.
    • Pyrope : Those are surprisingly good for beginner. If you don’t know what to put as last cards in your deck, 1 pyrope is never too much.
    • Vulkin/Parsnik : Two really good cards but you’ll mostly play only one, it depends on your play style. Aggressive player will choose Vulkin, and control player will choose Parsnik. In fact Parsnik is good when you already have a good removal in your deck.
    • Rock : To me, rock is the best taunt in the game, or at least he is better than Jerry or Ice.

    B. Rare

    • Annoying dog : The best cheap card in the game. For 2 gold you get a 3/2 monster and a really good effect. Annoying dog works especially well with endogeny to make your opponent discard.
    • Chilldrake : A pretty good drawing card, you always need draw and Chilldrake, which only cost 4, gives you what you need. Some may prefer Reaper Bird but for 6 gold, only 4 health isn’t good enough if the card gives you no bord effect.
    • Greater Dog/Gyftrot : Once again 2 cards for one role. Make your choice, if you need more draw take Gyftrot, if you don’t, take Greater Dog.
    • Necarat Jester : Silence is a key element of the game and the Necarat Jester is the only card in the game which gives you the opportunity to remove ALL effect from a card instantly.

    C. Epic

    • Alphys : The best epic in the game, none comes to her ankles. Her unique ability is priceless all the Amalgamates have good effect and having them for -3 gold is really great. Not to mention she also have decent stats as a 3/5 so she can take useful trade.

    D. Legendary

    • Undyne : Let’s make some math. Undyne is a 8/8, so she is a little better than the royal guards. We can say her stats are worth 9 Gold. She also deal 8 random damage, so it is an upgraded version of the Justice Card « Undyne Spear » which cost 6 gold. Let’s say a 8 damage Undyne’s Spears cost 8 gold because i’m nice. So Undyne should cost 9+8… 17 gold ? Surprise ! She’s only 12 ! Craft her.
    • Asriel Dreemurr : It’s a good card, not as impressive as Undyne in term of effect/cost but it is really good. It offer great come back in late game but it is really expensive. Make your choice.

    All legendary cards are good, even my beloved yet criticized Mettaton EX so find a way to make them even more useful.

    C. Determination

    None. No DT card is that good. They are badass, ultra-cool, but they are not that effective and we are here to talk about win.

    II. The Deck

    There are some mistakes made by beginner and even gold or platinum players that shouldn’t be done. And here they are :

    1. To many spells

    Class cards are cool. Class cards are useful. Class card make your patience control deck different from your opponent’s justice control. But to many class cards can be the bane of your existence. I’d say you need maximum 6 or 7 class cards. Think about it with 7 class card you take the risk to start only with spells and yet to draw more for 3 turns. If that happens, you’re dead.  

    B. To many taunt

    Once an ogre told me « Taunt is love, taunt is life » so i played 3 ice, 3 jerry, 3 rock, 3 greater dog and 3 gyftrot. I told myself « i’m good, my opponent can’t kill me, he can’t bypass my taunt » and yet he did. 

    If you play to much taunts you will miss damages and there are many card which can bypass a wall of taunt, endogeny, necarat jester, penetration, and pure damages. I will not give you a number of taunt to play in your deck but i know that in diamond, people play almost no taunt.

    C. To many expensive cards

    It is the most widespread problem in low rank decks, they don’t play enough cheap cards, in fact their gold curve is really bad. I know that there is no « gold optimisation » like there is in Hearthstone because there is no gold cap but you just can’t play only 6+ gold monster, it is just not possible.

    You need some cheap card about 3 or less gold, most of the time it will be your class cards but some monster can be good, like one or two Temmie or Annoying Dog. Then you will need a Core for your deck around 4-7 gold, most of your card must be in this core. And only after you can put some big monsters like Glyde or some legendaries. But if you don’t a well built deck will always outrun you, be careful.

    III. The Gold

    Speaking of the devil there is a little thing you need to always keep in mind. The gold progression. It is always like that :

    Turn 1 : +0

    Turn 2 : +1

    Turn 3 : +2

    Turn 4 : +3


    Knowing that it can’t be over +10 gold per turn, except for Integrity.

    But the interesting part is here. It is always like that :

    Turn 1 : 2 gold

    Turn 2 : 3 gold 

    Turn 3 : 5 gold

    Turn 4 : 8 gold

    Turn 5 : 12 gold


    In the end you will know this on your fingertips but it is really important because you have to understand something : you don’t need to play cards in the first two turns. Sometimes waiting turn 3 or 4 to play is a good thing because you will play a better monster and you will have more gold next turn to keep up the pressure on your opponent.

    Always remember that if you have more gold than your opponent your can play more cards, you don’t always need to play cards during a turn. Sometime, if you have the advantage on bord you can just save gold for a counter attack next turn.

    IV. The Board 

    You may haven’t noticed it yet but there are 8 little boxes where you and your opponent can put monsters. And it is really important. The board control is key in Undercards you always need some board presence to put hte pressure on your opponent. As you get better you will learn when you should and when you shouldn’t play monsters but if you are a beginner know this : if you don’t play monsters you will never kill you opponent. 

    That may seems obvious for most of the people but too many times i see players who don’t play any monsters when their opponent got 3 because « they will die instantly » or « next turn i’ll have a good move » but end up dying either way. Monster are like sponges to protect your life because even if they aren’t taunt your opponent will think « Mmh, they may be threat so i’ll deal with them first ». And that’s what will keep you alive the time to play other cards, again and again and again.

    V. The Hand

    You should have understood this but there are 3 points of interest to win this game : the board control, the gold advantage and the hand. By the hand i mean always have something in hand because if you empty your hand you will have less resources than your opponent even if you have two or three time his gold.

    That’s why draw cards are so important (except for bravery but i am not here to talk about soul classes), cards like Chilldrake, Reaper Bird, Alphys give you « card advantage » because when you play them you don’t « loose » a card, it is imidiatly replaced by another card. Memory head also gives you card advantage because you deny your opponent from one card, maybe a key card ?

    Always remember to have between three and five cards in hand if you can. Why five ? It’s simple, if you have six cards in hand when you end your turn you take a huge risk because if your opponent play an annoying dog, an endogeny (the most played card in the game) or an expulsion if you’re facing an integrity player he will make you discard your next card. You can’t have more than seven cards in hand and if you over-draw you will loose cards.

    Talking about over-draw be careful, if you see that you end up with 7 cards in your deck when your opponent have 12 there is a problem. Draw is a good thing but over-draw will make you loose, you will exhaust your option to win. If it happens don’t panic, remove some of your drawing cards and put some more aggressive cards because it means you lack the means to defeat your opponent.

    VI. The final word

    My first wiki page is about to end and i will not say anything interesting anymore, you can do something else if you want.

    I wanted to say that i am not « the best undercard player » or something like that (although i know who is that person) but i think i am experienced enough to give some advices. I started to play this game the last week of season 2 and in seven days i made my road from LV 1 to rank 0. That only mean one thing Underfolks, you all can do it. Even if you don’t have a single epic and you misplay every time. The only way to get better is to play, try decks, loose, try again, and again, and again, and again and finally win and make you way through ranks. You know what they say, stay determined and Git Gud.

    I am sorry if my english made your eyes bleed, i am not that confident in myself on that point but i tried my best. If you enjoyed this don’t hesitate to tell me in the chat, i don’t think i will make another « guide » like that because there is nothing to explain more to me. But i may do some deck presentation if the staff agrees.

    Cya in ranked guys.

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    • Kindness is still a good matchup because 1 point of healing isnt doing anything, and to negate taunts you have penetration.

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    • TBH, you are soo right about Asriel Dreemurr. It helped me survived an intense fight between a LV14. Even though it is a lower LV than me, they were good. I just used Resurrection and Will To Fight to come Azzy back and forth into my deck. In the end, I won with a Flowey (IKR) with no cards left. Man DT is so good!

      P.S. Consider adding Woshua or Asgore to you deck, cuz Same Fate + Woshua/Asgore = Instant Wipe Board.

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