• DISCLAIMER: I am not Strezah, I'm simply posting his deck to the strategy board as I came across it recently. Strategy was originally posted on the 15/10/2016

    Hello everybody, it's me, strezah. Here, we're gonna check one of the most used deck from this season (3), the zoo bravery. I use this deck since the start of the game, and he still work.

    But what is a zoo deck ?

    A zoo deck is an archetype than just try to play the best low cost cards for a fast win. Some synergies made your monsters able to keep the control of board, but this deck is able to rush the hp of your opponent very fast too.

    1. The cards

    1.1 card you can't miss

    here we go for a little recap of every cards you NEED to play in this deck.

    3 strengh > strengh made your monster to have a very good boost of attack, allow you more trade and lots of damage in your opponent's face :D It have a really good synergie with dummy too.

    3 monster kid > this little men is amazing in bravery zoo, he will boost all your monster and increase the pressur on board. his body 2/2 will allow him to trade some cards too, like vulkin or annoying dog.

    3 annoying dog / moldsmal (if you don't have enought dust) > 3/2 for 2 is a very cool board, this card is a typical agressive monster, every zoo bravery need to put 3 of this. By the way, annoying dog can discard cards from your opponent hand, this is why he is better than moldsmal.

    3 teemie > TeeMiE iS VerY COoL So PLaY hiM ok? 2/2 for 2 and charge is a very good body, and the "add a teemie" power will increase your burst.

    3 Vulkin > keep the board controle, trade a monster, burst your opponent, this is a really important card in this deck.

    now we 're gonna see most situational cards :

    1.2 cards who can be used :

    Napstablook > he is a cool t3 in bravery, but care, he is very sensible too paralisie !

    dummy > LOTS of bravery deck use him, and there are a reason. A dummy + strengh at first turn will made you have a 3/4 taunt and draw 2 card. And he don't die bye the vulkin power too. He can be good for temporise too when you chose to burst your opponent, or good for keep your monsters alive too.

    Penetration > decks who use penetration are more agressive, this is a good issue for pass the taunt, like rock or ice. But care, don't put too much of this ! 1 is good, 2 can be allowed in an VERY agressive deck, and 3 is just too much (except in NEOTK).

    Assaut > i love this. you will need luck for made something with it, but sometimes it can allow you to have an awesome early presure, like a sad customer at the first turn. This is a good card, but sometimes it's gold wasted (hi dog residues :p )

    Grillby > a good late game card for this deck. He can also be called "dad of monster kid", he have a correct body with a really nice battlecry. Don't be scared to put 2 of him if you need a good midgame.

    wimshun > he is correct when you already have a good board, but i don't use him so much. At least he is good since he got 4 hp, but honestly i pref napstablook. He is correct, but not more.

    ice cap > he CAN be used if you want to have a more agressive deck, but honestly he don't really have a good synergie with the deck. HE IS VERY GOOD, but more in AGGRO bravery (we're playing zoo, we have a board to keep :c )

    nacarat jester > he can remplace penetration, and have good synergies with napstablook. He is cool for counter igloo too. But his cost is a bit high, you can't play him and grillby at same time.

    Mettaton EX > very situational, but decent.

    Parsnik > a good tempo card, but his cost is too high for be really awesome in this deck.

    Migosp > don't like this card. 1 hp is too low. Don't play him. Really.

    Final charge / aaron force > It can be good for a last final assaut, but don't really like it. Better play early monster i think.

    Mettaton > he is cool. Not op, but cool.

    2. The tips

    Some tips who will made the difference between a good zoo player and a bad zoo player :

    - always put your monster kid to the LEFT, and others monsters to the RIGHT. Then monster kid will cover you from Aoe like same fate + woshua or strafe. When a Aoe is played, monster start to die from your left to your right, then sometimes monster kid will allow your monster to survive.

    - Vs justice, don't play a monster at first turn, except if you got the dummy / strengh combo. Try to put 2 monster as same time, for prevent the justice power to kill a monster. For exemple, an annoying dog played solo at first turn will die without be able to made one single trade. Your not playing aggro bravery, keep your monsters !

    - vs patience, you NEED to play monster t1, and one by one if possible. then defrosting will be less good vs your deck.

    - try to keep your annoying dog for discard a card from opponent. When he got 6 cards, play him and it will made the next card he draw useless ! But care, if you got nothing to play, just play annoying dog.

    - try to rush determination deck, and keep your annoying dog for discard. Put monster kid one by one to the left, never 2 monster kid on board, you need him for made all your board resist to the woshua + same fate combo. But care, it's a really hard matchup.

    - Don't use penetration early on a card you where you can have a good trade.

    - if your opponent is playing integrity, try to save a jester if you have it for the opponent igloo.

    - the monster kid + teemie allow you to trade a 5 hp card, it's pretty effective ! Summon teemie, trade with monster kid and then trade with teemie.

    - don't for get to attack with the dummy if they got boosted by something.

    - Vs justice, try to let a non monster case between 2 monster, for prevent the Explosion.

    - always play dummy + strengh first turn if you got it.

    - try to let you enought gold for play something cool next turn. why play a monster kid if he deny you a VERY good grillby next turn?

    - try to think when your opponent can have vulkin and where he can trade your board with Aoe. Look at his gold !

    - if you face too much determination in a row, change your class. It's insane as bravery. =)

    3. Gold cap

    normal gold cap :






    bravery gold in a game at end of turn (usually)


    1 or 0

    0 or 1

    0 or 2


    as you can see, you need to play all your monsters very fast . (except vs jsutice). Abuse of your low cost, but care, sometimes save for vulkin is better ! he is a 4 gold cost, then you can play him and a dummy when you got the 5 gold cap.


    4. Matchup

    Kindness : nothing special, flood the board and controle it. Kindness don't got aoe, so don't be scared by summon all your monster. It's not a free win, but still an easy matchup.

    determination : the worst matchup for bravery zoo. try to rush him and save your board with monster kid from the woshua + same fate combo, but you will run of cards too fast.

    patience : bad matchup too, but not so much (45/55). You can have a chance if he play a late game version, but a midrange / tempo version will rekt you. It made your teemie useless, care with that. But you still got a chance to submerge him.

    Integrity : good matchup, you just flood the board and win. but care, sometimes igloo will made you lose for a stupid reason. (hi frisk t3)

    perseverance : very easy matchup for an agressive deck like that. Just care at the worsening, and all should be ok.

    justice : medium matchup. Care Aoe, and it should be ok.

    bravery zoo : 50/50

    bravery NEOTK : medium matchup. you have nothing to do, his luck will make him win or lose. try to controle his board early and then all - in him.

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