• Yo! This is my deck and i will explain everything good enough for everyone to understand ;)

    Let's get some stuff right out of the way. If you don't own Toriel that's ok. Just switch her with Undyne. If you don't own her... think of something else... i don't know wich cards you got.

    For everyone without Chara: Switch her with Chilldrake.

    Now let's talk about some important stuff.


    Most of the time you got some cards left to fill your field and get back into the game. Alphys, So Sorry and Onionsan are great to get some stuff on the field, but remember: You only have 4 of those in total.


    Cards like Temmie, Muffets Pet, Vulkin or Grillby help you to make beautiful combos and they also keep surprising your enemy and destroying his calculations.


    You have 3 Taunts -Rocks and a Greater Dog, but that's not it. You also got Monster Kid. He saves you from Same Fate-Woshua-Combo. Always have him on the left side of your field as soon as a DT Player starts to farm gold.


    Toriel is a real lifesave but don't put her down as soon as your enemy has some things on his field. Tank a bit and look what else your enemy got. Maybe a taunt and a Starter are all you need.

    Sans should be used carefully. Don't put him down just because you have enough gold. Put him down while you have some stuff on the field to keep your enemy busy.


    She can really help you in this deck. Mostly because of the playstyle i will get back to later.


    Expulsion is one of my favorites. Don't spam them. They are important. While your enemy tries to hide behind a taunt or put down something strong you can surprise him after he's done with that. They can also fill your enemys hand but don't try to focus on that. It's not their main reason to be part of this deck.

    Fortune can really help you to get a better start or to be able to get stronger stuff way faster. I would prefer a Fortune So Sorry Start over a not Fortune Alphys start though. Maybe you get unlucky with her.

    Shopping pretty much explains itself. Great combo with Sans.

    Break is important. Don't use it for the Lolz to show how cool it is to spam stuff. You can switch something with Grillby to beat your enemy one turn earlier or after you put everything to 1 Atk save your Toriel and make the field of your enemy useless, since he can't get rid of his weak monsters now. It has much potential and you only got 1.


    Like i said before, the playstyle is SUUUUUUUPER important. Most people really want to make use of the gold they got. I don't do that. You only have Alphys and Everyman on the field? You could add Grillby? Why would you do that? Your field is pretty strong. Better get some cash. My enemys keep wondering why i have so much gold, but i just save it up and don't spam everything and try to rush my enemy. The more gold you got, the more combos you can do and the faster you can play Chara. It is all about patience at the end.

    Why is it called Fishing Rod?

    It is a very fitting name because you need to chill a bit and don't put everything down as soon as you can. You only throw out a tiny worm and collect all the gold it can get you. Why would you put too many worms on a fishing rod, if one is enough? Same with my field. You have all the time you need to collect some gold and as soon as more fishes appear, you have more gold for more worms wich can now beat the crap out of those fishes.

    That's pretty much it i guess. Enjoy playing it and also check out cyans Kindnessdeck! It focuses on otk and it's really fun to play!

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