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The Heroine (a.k.a Undyne the Undying) is the third DT card added to the game. When killed, instead of being removed from the game, The Heroine will re-appear back on the board straight away with -2/-2. This will continue on until her HP reaches zero upon being summoned again. When her ability is used, it will not cost extra gold.

Nothing will carry over to the resurrected version of Undyne the Undying. This incldes things like KR, Taunt and even changed to ATK and HP (both increases and decreases). So even if you use cards like Toriel or Same Fate when she's in her first form (of 10/10), she will return as a 8/8 monster upon death.

Her ability justifies her price, as she is the first card to have an ability that summons monsters to the board, instead of ones that add cards to your hand or deck. In total she has 30 HP and ATK amongst her resurrections.

Undertale OST - Battle Against A True Hero Extended15:26

Undertale OST - Battle Against A True Hero Extended

The Heroine's Theme when played. It starts at 0:19 and ends at 0:25.

When killed whilst attacking, she will act like a newly summoned card, so she will not be able to attack again in that turn unless cards such as Final Charge are applied to her. Also, as of Beta 8.3.2, she will no longer trigger On summon effects when returned to the board. This includes the effects of cards like Nice Cream Guy, Politics Bear and Heats Flamesman.

Since it gets weaker and less viable when its effect is used, a powerful combo is to use Red Bird when it's at 2/2 or 4/4 to either bring it back to 10/10 or to turn it into Angel of Death to get the most use out of it.


The Heroine is a Determination card, and as with all cards of this rarity, it can't be Silenced and is banned from Ranked since Beta 9.3. It can also only be obtained through:

  • Normal Packs (with great luck);
  • Final Packs (which you get 1 of at LV 200);
  • Special Events (mostly on Twitter);
  • Crafting with DT Fragments. You can get DT Fragments by:
    • Buying one for 90 Loyalty Points;
    • Reaching Diamond III or higher in Ranked. (Diamond/Master = 1; Legend = 2)


  • In Beta 10.1 when Another Chance was used on this card, instead of dying at 2/2, it will have 0/1, give this 6 lives instead of 5 and a total of 31 HP instead of 30.

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