Temmie Statue

Beta 9.0 only

Current Version can be found here.

Temmie Statue (Beta 9.1)

Post Beta 9.1

While Temmie Statue was released in Beta 9.0, it was already reworked in Beta 9.1, where it gained the ability to attack on its own.

Beta 14.0 nerfed Temmie Statue quite a lot by giving it -1 HP and giving the summoned Tems +1/+1 instead of +2/+2. It dropped 1G, though.


ATK: 0


  • 7 (Post Beta 9.0)
  • 6 (Post Beta 14.0, Current)


  • 5 (Post Beta 9.0)
  • 4 (Post Beta 14.0, Current)


  • Can't attack. Give +2/+2 to all summoned ally Tems. (Beta 9.0)
  • Give +2/+2 to all summoned ally Tems. (Post Beta 9.1)
  • Give +1/+1 to all summoned ally Tems. (Post Beta 14.0, Current)

Rarity: Blue (Rare)

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