Temmie 2 (Beta 7.5)

Post Beta 7.5

Current Version of Temmie can be found here. Previous Versions of Temmie (and Temmie 2 before Beta 7.5) can be found here.

Temmie 2 (Beta 9.3)

Post Beta 9.3

Temmie 2 was originally the exact same as Temmie with stats and cost, but only had Charge. This was a bit bugged due to it still being named "Temmie", which made it turn into a regular Temmie when returned to hand or deck. This was fixed in Beta 6.0, where its name oficially became "Temmie 2". With a rework in Temmie, Temmie 2 was removed since Beta 7.1, but was returned in Beta 7.5. As a result, this page will only look further at Temmie 2's history from Beta 7.5 and onward.

Beta 9.3 made the first change in Temmie 2 without making a change in Temmie. This being increasing Temmie 2's cost from 2G to 3G.


ATK: 2

HP: 1


  • 2 (Post Beta 7.5)
  • 3 (Post Beta 9.3, Current)

Ability: Charge.

Rarity: Blue (Rare)


Beta 13.4 changed its sprite by making its eyes closed, in order to make it different from Temmie's sprite. Allergic Temmie also gained a new sprite.

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