Super colored cards

Super colored cards are alternative versions of cards. But they are very cool because they are in different colors. But that's not all! They also have new cool effects. There are currently 42 super colored cards.

How to get them?

Buying a super colored pack for 1000 gold or 5€ in the shop. Crafting one with super colored fragments.

Can I put a normal and a colored Annoying Dog in the same deck? 
Nope, it's an alternative card. By the way, it's not "colored Annoying Dog" but it's "Super colored Annoying Dog".

How can I get a super colored fragment?

You can get super colored fragments by disenchanting super colored cards.


  • This was later revealed as part of the April Fools' 2017 update.
  • Even though they said there would be 42 super colored cards, only 4 were shown.

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