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Pre Beta 2.0

Strength is a Bravery Deck specific card. It has been reworked multiple times in order to try and balance out the win rate of Bravery. In the end, it didn't change at all, though.
Updated Strength

Post Beta 2.0

Originally it costed 2G and would add 3 ATK to a monster of your choice (including enemies). In Beta 2.0, this was reduced to 1G. This was changed back to 2G in Beta 4.1, though.
4.1 Strength

Beta 4.1 only

The next update, Beta 4.2, changed it back to 1G, but also made it only give +2 ATK. In Beta 4.6, it was even reduces to 0G.
4.2 Strength

Post Beta 4.2

However, Beta 4.8 changed it back to it's Beta 2.0 version, giving +3 ATK for 1G. And Beta 6.2 changed it again to it's original state by increasing it's cost back to 2G.
Strength 4.6

Post Beta 4.6

Soul Type: Bravery
Four.8 Strength

Post Beta 4.8


  • 2 (Pre Beta 2.0)
  • 1 (Post Beta 2.0)
  • 2 (Beta 4.1)
  • 1 (Post Beta 4.2)
  • 0 (Post Beta 4.6)
  • 1 (Post Beta 4.8)
  • 2 (Post Beta 6.2, Current)


  • Give +3 atk to a monster (Pre Beta 4.2)
  • Give +2 atk to a monster (Post Beta 4.2)
  • Give +3 atk to a monster (Post Beta 4.8, Current)

Rarity: White (Common)

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