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Spider web

Beta 6.6 (Original)

Spider Web is one of the new cards added in Beta 6.6. In it, all classes gained a new trait specific card, and this is the Perseverance one. The other's being:

Spider Web Beta 6.7

Post Beta 6.7 (Cost: 2 -> 1)

This card is useful for it's effect to paralyze all enemy monsters under KR. This makes them be useless for one turn, and increases the change of them dying before getting to attack.

The next update, Beta 6.7, made it even more useful by lowering it's cost to only 1G.

Beta 7.4 increased that back to 2G, though. But it also make you draw a card now, just like Poison.

SOUL Type: Perseverance


  • 2 (Beta 6.6 only)
  • 1 (Post Beta 6.7)
  • 2 (Post Beta 7.4, Current)


  • Paralyze all enemy monsters under KR. (Pre Beta 7.4)
  • Paralyze all enemy monsters under KR. Draw a card. (Post Beta 7.4, Current)

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