Post Beta 11.0

Current Version can be found here.

Soothing (Beta 13.1)

Post Beta 13.1

Soothing was added in Beta 11.0 during UnderCards' 1 Year Anniversary as Kindness' 2nd Epic spell. When first released, it would set the ATK and HP of a monster of your choice to 3, at the cost of 3G. Beta 13.0 buffed it by setting the monster's HP to 2 instead of 3, leaving it with 3/2.

Beta 17.0 swapped its rarity with that of Longevity, making that an Epic and this a Rare.


SOUL Type: Kindness

Cost: 3


  • Set a monster to 3/3. (Post Beta 11.0)
  • Set a monster to 3/2. (Post Beta 13.1, Current)


  • Purple (Epic) (Post Beta 11.0)
  • Blue (Rare) (Post Beta 17.0, Current)