Shyren (Original)

Pre Alpha 2.7

Current version can be seen here.

Screenshot 117

Post Alpha 2.7

Shyren gained small buffs over time, the first one being in Alpha 2.7, where her Cost was reduced from 4G to 3G. Beta 4.6 followed that up with an increase in HP, from 3 to 4. And Beta 6.0 buffed her ability by making it heal 5 HP instead of 4.

Shyren 4.6

Post Beta 4.6


ATK: 2


  • 3 (Pre Beta 4.6)
  • 4 (Post Beta 4.6, Current)


  • 4 (Pre Alpha 2.7)
  • 3 (Post Alpha 2.7, Current)


  • Battlecry/Enter/Magic: Restore 4 HP. (Pre Beta 6.0)
  • Battlecry/Enter/Magic: Restore 5 HP. (Post Beta 6.0, Current)
Rarity: White (Common)
Shyren card

Post Beta 6.0

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