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Shootout Origin

Post Beta 6.6

Shootout, a Justice Deck Spell card, originally costed 3G to deal 1 damage to all monsters on the field. This was when it was released in Beta 6.6, alongside 19 others (with 6 of them being a new spell for each class).

Shootout (Beta 7.1)

Post Beta 7.1

Beta 7.1 changed that by making your passive effect deal 1 more damage, which could stack. It's cost increased to 9G for this, only to be decreased to 8G in Beta 7.3.

Shootout Beta 7.3

Post Beta 7.3

Beta 8.3 returned it to it's debut state, though, dealing 1 damage to all monsters for 3G. Beta 9.1 decreased the price to 2G.


The "Passive Buffer" has returned in Beta 11.0 as Multi Shot.
Shootout (Beta 8.3)

Post Beta 8.3


SOUL Type: Justice


  • 3 (Post Beta 6.6)
  • 9 (Post Beta 7.1)
  • 8 (Post Beta 7.3)
  • 3 (Post Beta 8.3)
  • 2 (Post Beta 9.1, Current)


  • Deal 1 damage to all monsters. (Post Beta 6.6)
  • Your passive deals 1 more damage. (Post Beta 7.1)
  • Deal 1 damage to all monsters. (Post Beta 8.3, Current)

Rarity: White (Common)

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