Sharing was a Patience deck specific effect card. When used, it allowed both players to draw a card. This was good if the opponent gets a full hand from it, causing them to lose a card on their turn, simmilarly to using the Annoying Dog.

However, it also made the opponent run out of cards in their deck quicker. This was the main point of Patience, as its ability used to be killing the opponent right away once they took 'Empty Deck Draw Damage'.

Beta 2.9 reworked the class completely by making it work entirely around paralyzing monster (which used to be just limited to Cold Winter and Defrosting).

Because of this, in Beta 3.4, both Sharing and Snow Storm changed. However, while Snow Storm just completely changed its effect just like the passive effect of Patience, Sharing was completely removed in exchange for Slowing.

However, in Beta 13.4 Manticore was added and it draws 2 instead of 1 card when placed.

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