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Royal Guard 1 is the paired card to Royal Guard 2. It has the same stats as RG 02 except the attack and health is swapped around. It is a strong but common type of card to deploy near the end of a match.

Since Beta 8.1, both Royal Guards have an ability. Now, once RG 01 dies, all RG 02's on your field will gain Taunt. This can make either of them a bigger threat, as the opponent will now most likely try to kill one before the other gets summoned.


  • There used to be an easter egg which happened if both RG 01 and RG 02 were on the field. RG 02 would remove their chestplate and RG 01 would get nervous, just like in Undertale. They also gained a description (which was blank because they didn't have an ability before Beta 8.1 and the easter egg was removed before that update).
    • Description when nervous: ''...''
  • Beta 29.0 made the RG's part of the starting cardpool instead of Knight Knight.