Resurrection (Pre Alpha 3.2)

Pre Alpha 3.2

Current version can be seen here.

Resurrection (Alpha 3.2)

Post Alpha 3.2

Resurrection originally would add the last 3 of your monsters that died to your hand for 5G. Alpha 3.2 increased that to 6G.

Beta 1.0 decreased the price to 4G, but would you also only gain the last 2 of your death monsters back.

Beta 4.1 reworked it entirely. For 1G, you would gain a random one of your death monsters to your hand. This was due to Resurrection being deemed too powerful when used with Legendary cards. Beta 13.1 increased that to 2 monsters, but increased the price to 3G. It won't give you 2 of the same monster.


Post Beta 1.0

SOUL Type: Determination


  • 5 (Pre Alpha 3.2)
  • 6 (Post Alpha 3.2)
  • 4 (Post Beta 1.0)
  • 1 (Post Beta 4.1)
  • 3 (Post Beta 13.1, Current)


  • Add your last 3 dead monsters to your hand.
    • (Pre Beta 1.0)
  • Add your last 2 dead monsters to your hand.
    • (Post Beta 1.0)
  • Add a random dead ally monster to your hand.
    • (Post Beta 4.1)
  • Add 2 different random dead ally monsters to your hand.
    • (Post Beta 13.1, Current)

Rarity: White (Common)

4.1 Ressurection

Post Beta 4.1

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