Redacted was added in Beta 9.3. Previous Versions can be found here.

Redacted is an interesting monster. Much like Gaster, this monster was unable to be found without editing the Undertale game files. But unlike Gaster, who now can be found legit, this monster still can't.

It does share a relation with Gaster, though, as it has a Future effect, which only Gaster's three Followers have alongside it. This Future effect will activate in 4 turns (just like G Follower 3's) and will add a random Future monster (this includes itself) into your deck for each active Future effect, including those of the enemy.


This makes Redacted a very good addition to Decks that already contain a lot of Follower cards and Goner Kid, such as Integrity. It can also be decently good in Bravery decks that rely on very quick drawing. Having a couple of these monsters can give you a lot of cards, abling you to survive longer without the danger of running out of cards.