Receptionist 1 is one of the 14 new cards added in Beta 7.6. Previous Versions can be found here.

Receptionist 1 is a pretty good card with solid stats, and an ability that gives you 2G whenever it gets damaged. Keep in mind that it gives 2G for every time it is attack, no matter how much damage it took.


Because of this, it's useful to give it Taunt with Protection (in Patience) or Glad Dummy (in general), as then it has to be targeted, which can end up with you getting some money, especially in Kindness Decks, as you can keep it healed up. You can top it off by using Faun or Toriel, as that most likely makes it need more attacks to be killed.

Don't use cards like Undyne or Undyne's Spears against it, otherwise it will give a lot of gold.


  • Before Beta 9.1, this card was just known as Receptionist.

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