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A new kind of Ranked was added in Season 7 of UnderCards Ranked.It has DTP which is similar to the Dogs and you get a certain amount of DTP every win.

Instead of the normal Rank system of Rank 25-DT, now it has the following: COPPER, IRON, GOLD, EMERALD, SAPPHIRE, RUBY, DIAMOND, and MASTER. All of these expect master rank is a pun off of different stones found in the real world. Also all of the ranks expect MASTER have different groups of in III, II, and I.The lowest rank is COPPER, and the highest is MASTER. Everyone starts off each new ranked season without a rank. The first 5 games you play will place you in a division. Where you land is based on the outcome of these games, the difficulty of the opponents you faced in these games, and your rank from the previous season. All players undergo a "soft reset" at the beginning of each season, so your new rank will likely be lower than it was at the end of the previous season.

The rewards at the end of the season is:

  • IRON - 5 packs
  • GOLD - 10 packs
  • EMERALD - 15 packs
  • SAPPHIRE - 20 packs
  • RUBY - 25 packs
  • DIAMOND - 30 packs + 1 DT Fragments
  • MASTER - 35 packs + 1 or 2 DT Fragments (2 DT Fragments are usually given when you reach Master the first time after that it's usually 1 DT Fragments.)
DT Fragments was also introduced in the new Ranked system. They act of a way of getting DT cards. You need 2 DT Fragments to make a DT Card.