This page is for strategies or points that a user may not realise when they first play. These exclude deck specific strategies. Perhaps there is something you are looking for that is mentioned here, press ctrl+f on PC to search for keywords. For more in depth strategies go here.

  • Discovered by Yakumo and named 'Yakustorm': When the enemy has a full board, make sure you have two or so monsters on your side of the field and then use Snow Storm. This will typically give you 4-7 turns to save up for/place good cards. During this time it's recommended to place Gaster or Pyrope on the field. Another valid option is to place down Memorial Statue in tandem with high attack cards, Memorial Statue will remove the taunts on the opponent's Ice allowing you to attack the opponent directly for typically several turns.
  • Try to place Monster Kid on your leftmost slot, the game reads the board from left to right, so when certain abilities occur such as damaging the whole field via Hyper Goner, cards will instead survive.
  • Cards destroyed by being sent to a full hand will have their deathrattle activated.
  • The amount of gold you get is equivalent to the number of that turn, capped at turn 10. 
  • If you (or the opponents) hand is full, another drawn card will instead be destroyed.
  • A tactic people like to use is to have many Pyropes in their deck, these do 3 damage to the opponents health bar regardless of ability or taunts.
  • Another good idea is to have at least one Madjick in your deck, these can switch around the attack and health of a card, so are particularly useful when dealing with Pyropes since they have lower attack than HP.
  • Madjick can be used on a card with stacked HP via various abilities (since this is more common than attack adding cards) in order to have a card with a surprise high attack stat. It can also be used the other way if you want to have a high HP card.
  • Another strategy is to keep at least one Snowdrake in the deck to add a higher attack stat to Pyrope to prevent it from dying to Muffet's Pet.
  • Use Burgerpants, and play some cards until you have 6G left, then use Mettaton EX to remove the money from your opponent.
  • Woshua is a decent card which deals 1 damage to all enemy monsters on the board when placed, it does not do damage on the turns afterwards. It is best used in conjucntion with 'Same Fate' or Asgore to quickly knock out all enemy opponents on the field.
  • When placing cards down try to keep them spaced away from one another (unless of course you have four cards) when going against Justice decks since they have the 'Explosion' card which allows them to do damage to adjacent enemies.
  • If you don't have an effect card which can kill a powerful monster with buffs, you can use Astigmatism in front of the monster to kill it off once your turn begins again.
  • If a side runs out of cards they will begin to take damage for each turn they try to draw a card from an empty deck.
  • It may seem obvious but make sure you read whether or not your card's ability is Battlecry or Deathrattle. A player may expect an ability to initiate when in reality it won't occur until the placed card is dead.
  • When using the bomb you have to end your turn and hope the bomb survives by the time your turn clocks over again, you cannot destroy it prematurely so it blows up.
  • Have taunt cards in your deck, healing cards aren't a bad idea either
  • If an ability gives your a card if your hand is already full it will not work. You can never exceed your 7 hand limit. If you have a full hand when it comes your turn again and you automatically draw a card, that drawn card will be destroyed. So it is important to keep at least one slot open.
  • When using Dogamy and Dogaressa, likewise any cards that receive a bonus if another card is on the field, only the placed card will gain the bonus. E.g. Placing Dogamy on the field after Dogaressa will give dogamy the +5 attack however Dogaressa will not receive the +5 health. If you have both these cards it is recommended you place Dogamy down first since they have the higher HP.
  • Flowey cannot be killed, he will always return to the deck with +3 attack each time he dies. So if he's on the enemy's board try not to kill him.
  • When Flowey return to the deck, he will keep every modification of attack, a good strategy is to use Madjick to reverse his stats when he his a 1/6 to made of him a 6/1, and return it to the deck as a 9/6.
  • Cards and abilities that deal less than 4 damage at one such as Undyne's battlecry and Punishment will not kill Mad Dummy.
  • Doggo is good in conjunction with Temmie to reactivate Temmie's ability
  • If the enemy has a weak card on the field, unless you deem it necessary, try not to kill the monster as it is only taking up a slot preventing the opponent from using stronger cards. Similarly if you have cards you want on the field don't be afraid to kill off one of your own monsters to give it a place on the board (unless you're afraid it might die or is not the opportune moment to use it of course).
  • When cards such as the bomb say 'all enemies' this includes the opponents health bar.
  • When using Lemon Bread the stats it gains does not take into account itself before being placed (e.g. if you had 4 cards in your hand before placing Lemon Bread it will gain +3 attack and health and not +4)
  • Much like Madjick, keeping a Nacarat Jester in your deck is advised as its ability can be very useful during battle. Nacarat Jester should be saved for later in game.
  • Grillby should be used with a full board.
  • Cards sent back by Endogeny/Break etc. will have their stats reset (apart from KR).
  • When something is silenced their max HP is turned back to normal, but they will not get back any lost HP. For example if an Ice is swapped with Madjick to become a 7/1 and then is silenced, the max atk will return to 1 and the maximum HP will return to 7, however it will not heal 6HP to return to a 1/7 and instead will be a 1/1.
  • When starting off in a fight against Justice, it's recommended you don't send out a singular low HP card at first as this will typically die within the first two turns due to the ability of Justice. Instead you should wait until you can place two cards or a high HP/taunt card.

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