Pollutant Gas Origin

Pre Alpha 3.2

Current version can be seen here.

Pollutant Gas

Post Alpha 3.2

Initially, this card costed 6G, was reduced to 5G in Alpha 3.2 and was reduced again to 4G in Beta 2.0.
Updated Pollutant Gas

Post Beta 2.0

Beta 4.3 changed the description of multiple cards, including this one, changing 'Poisoned' for 'KR'. It's effect didn't change.

Beta 6.0 reworked the card so that instead of giving KR, it would do 1 damage to all enemies, while doing 4 damage to KR'd enemies instead. It's cost dropped again, to 3G.

6.0 Pollutant Gas

Post Beta 6.0

However, this was undocumented returned to 4G in a future update, alongside the nerf of only doing 3 damage to KR'd enemy monsters instead of 4. This was probably done a little after Beta 6.8, where the Class got a rework.

SOUL Type: Perseverance


  • 6 (Pre Alpha 3.2)
  • 5 (Post Alpha 3.2)
  • 4 (Post Beta 2.0)
  • 3 (Post Beta 6.0)
  • 4 (Post Post Beta 6.0, Current)


  • Give KR to all enemy monsters. (Pre Beta 6.0)
  • Deal 1 damage to all enemy monsters. If under KR, deal 4 damage instead. (Post Beta 6.0)
  • Deal 1 damage to all enemy monsters. If under KR, deal 3 damage instead. (Post Post Beta 6.0, Current)

Rarity: Blue (Rare)

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