So, lemme tell you about the game "Undercards" (By Onutrem)

You have cards based on the monsters from the game "Undertale" (By Toby Fox)

You duel people in real time turn-based strategy.

You can rank up, and be the very best in the whole game.

Use coins and dust you get from games to get more cards.

The cards have 5 different rarities.

They are: Normal, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and the rarest of them all, Determination.

Determination rareness has four cards. You CAN get them from a pack.

The humans Frisk and Chara, Omega Flowey, and The Heroine.

If you want to know more, then play the game! Donate and stuff, man! Be cool and play cool!


RedsDoom, An Undercards Player

(Any Questions? Go to Onutrem's Twitter! @Onutrem)

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