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Papyrus statue is a great supporting card. Instead of being able to attack by itself, it can increase any damage done to the enemy and their monsters by 1. This includes Spells like Punishment and even Justice's passive effect, making this card really useful in a Justice Deck. It works as the opposite of/counter to Diamond Boy 1.

It's also good for a Bravery Deck due to it's fairly low cost. You can combine this with 3 cheap monsters with Charge, such as Temmie or Ice Cap, which will end up with a higher damage result than having 4 charges for around the same cost.

This card is very weak by itself, so you should have a Taunt monster to keep it alive. Cards like Ice work well, due to it's high HP, good 2nd ability and the fact that it can redirect Muffet's Pet's ability.