Previous Versions can be found here. It got changed quite a few times. Even 4 in a row.

Papyrus is a good end game card which has the ability to attack again for everytime it kills a monster on its turn. However, as of Beta 9.3, he cannot attack both the opponent and their monsters anymore. It can still attack other monsters after a kill, but not the enemy.


This can make it incredibly useful, even with the nerf. Using it in the Kindness deck is particularly useful, as you can use cards like Heal, Force of Nature and Longevity to keep it healed up, while you can also use the more effective Pie to prevent Papyrus from being damaged at all, due to Pie's effect lasting until the end of your turn.

You can also use Longevity a different way. Due to Papyrus's already high HP stats, you can use Longevity followed by Madjick to give Papyrus an enourmous ATK stat, making it useful to finish off the opponent.
Undertale OST - Bonetrousle Extended15:21

Undertale OST - Bonetrousle Extended

Papyrus's Theme when played. It begins at 0:06 and ends at 0:12.


  • When he got Charge in Beta 7.1, he got changed 3 times in a row after that, trying to balance him out. The difference between Beta 7.1 and Beta 7.4 ended up at -2 ATK, but -2G Cost.

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