Nice Cream Guy (NCG for short) was added in Beta 7.3 during the Ranked System Update. Previous Versions can be found here.

He has an ability that's simmilar to Grillby's. While Grillby gives +1/+1 to ally monsters that are already on the field, this card buffs cards that are placed after him. As such, NCG has an infinite use ability. But just like all other infinite ability users, he becomes a priority in taking down, so make use of his ability right away by placing monsters alongside him (with NCG being the first, of course).


Best used in Kindness and Integrity Decks, as you can keep NCG healed up with the Kindness Spells, and when kept in your hand as Integrity, makes it easy to summon alongside 3 other monsters. It is also very useful with Bravery when one usually spams several weak cards at once.

A monster that works very well with him is Gift Bear, whose Gifts will be boosted by NCG, leaving them with 1/3 Taunt. Another one is Onion San, who gets +1/+1 in all 3 parts.

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