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Muffet was originally an Epic card, but Beta 8.1 buffed her to a Legendary card, the 2nd card to ever change rarity, the other being the Gaster Blaster. (This caused previous muffets to be automatically disenchanted.) This update increased her stats but limits the player of only using one in their deck instead of two.

This card adds 3 Spiders to both decks. And whenever a Spider or a Muffet's Pet is played or summoned through Igloo or Lamp, Muffet gains 2 ATK and 1 HP. This includes any Spiders of the opponent. She also has Haste, ableing her to attack the enemy's monsters right away.


This can be useful in decks focussed on quick drawings, such as Bravery and Integrity. Also in Bravery, you can gain more Spiders through Assault.
Undertale OST - Spider Dance Extended15:08

Undertale OST - Spider Dance Extended

Muffet's Theme when played. The part used for the card starts at 0:41 and ends at 0:50.


  • Muffet's card was slightly zoomed in when it became a Legendary.
  • Muffet gaining +2/+1 is refrencing the fact that Spiders have 2/1 as their base stats.
  • With Spider changing its ability to just having Haste in Beta 9.1, Beta 9.3 also gave Haste to Muffet.

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