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Card Skin (Mettaton NEO)

Power of NEO

Mettaton NEO was added during Beta 4.3 as a new Legendary card. After multiple effect changes and discussions, he was finally added to the game with the effect of dealing his attack as damage to all enemies upon dying, but cannot attack himself. However, as of Beta 11.0, it now also deals that damage to ally monsters.

This is particularly effective as a means to clear the entire board of enemy monsters, as well as a deterrent to cards such as Woshua, Strafe and Tsunderplane.


Undertale OST - Power of "NEO" Extended

Undertale OST - Power of "NEO" Extended

NEO's Theme when played. It ends at 0:06. The song shown here is how it is in the game, which is slightly slower and lower pitched than how it is in Undercards.

Best used in Bravery, Patience, Perseverance and Justice, all with different strategies. Keep in mind that you might want to leave your board as empty as possible before executing these:

People using Kindness may want to use cards like Force of Nature and then Longevity to prevent NEO from dying if their opponent has it, but a better solution (and not just in Kindness) is by Silencing him with cards like Nacarat Jester to remove his ability.

Another good strategy with any class it using it with Hot Dog Vulkin, which works as a Snowdrake and Vulkin in one for 5G, and as such will give +2 ATK to NEO as well as kill it, but also deal that increased ATK as damage.

Because of the various uses of the card, NEO can be very influential in the battlefield in terms of affecting the enemy and how they use cards as well as how you create your own deck. For those using Bravery, keep in mind that Final Charge will not work on cards such as NEO who can't attack unless you used Asriel or have Will.


If the enemy places cards like Astigmatism or Heats Flamesman, you can place down your NEO (on the required spot) in order to kill it without the need of a 2nd card.

Especially effective against Justice since it is mostly based around area damage, and Determination to lessen the chances of Hyper Goner being used.

Card Skin: Power of NEO