Memorial Statue

Beta 4.5 (for 15 minutes)

Current version can be seen here.

When first released in Beta 4.5, Memorial Statue used to silence all enemy monsters at the end of your turn. This was ridiculously fast nerfed to doing it at the start of your turn, around 15 minutes after its release.

Memorial Statue Fixed

Post Beta 4.5

Beta 6.5 nerfed its HP from 8 to 7, making it 1/7 for 4G.

Beta 13.1 reworked the ability. Now it can attack and will silence any monster it damages. Its cost dropped to 3 for this.


Memorial Statue (Beta 6.5)

Post Beta 6.5

ATK: 1


  • 8 (Pre Beta 6.5)
  • 7 (Post Beta 6.5, Current)


  • 4 (Post Beta 4.5)
  • 3 (Post Beta 13.1, Current)


  • Can't attack. End of turn: Silence all enemy monsters.
    • (Beta 4.5 - for 15 minutes)
  • Can't attack. Start of turn: Silence all enemy monsters.
    • (Post Beta 4.5)
  • Damage: Silence the enemy monster. (Post Beta 13.1, Current)

Rarity: Blue (Rare)

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