Longevity (Original - Beta 16.9)

Original - Beta 16.9

Current Version can be found here.

Longevity (Beta 17.0)

Longevity is a Kindness Deck specific Effect Card. It used to double the HP of a selected monster, both ally and enemy, for 6G. This was decreased to 5G in Alpha 3.2 and further decreased to 3G in Beta 2.0.

However, while it would double the current and maximum HP of the selected monster, its calculations go by the current HP of that monster, not its maximum. (So if this card was used on a monster with, say, 10 max HP, but 2 current HP, it would only heal and raise the monster by 2 HP.) And because the monster's HP increases by the same ammount as it gets healed, damaged monsters would still be damaged. Because of this, they stay vulnerable to cards like Asgore.

Beta 7.4 increased its cost to 4G and changed it by fully healing the monster, and then give the HP bonus. But this bonus is only 75% instead of 100%. This made it the same as Bravery's Aaron's Secret again (at that time), which was nerfed to a 75% ATK bonus some time earlier. Beta 16.0 increased its cost to 5G. And Beta 17.0 made it an Epic, swapping its Rarity with that of Soothing.

Beta 21.0 reworked the card and dropped its cost back to 4G. Now, it will only give bonus HP equal to the amount of HP it healed the monster up. (So if it's used on a monster with 4 Current HP and 7 Max HP, this card restore 3 HP and then give +3 HP, bringing it up to 10.) It also gives Candy with this.


SOUL Type: Kindness


  • 6 (Post Alpha 3.0)
  • 5 (Post Alpha 3.2)
  • 3 (Post Beta 2.0)
  • 4 (Post Beta 7.4)
  • 5 (Post Beta 16.0)
  • 4 (Post Beta 21.0, Current)


  • Double a monster's HP. (Post Alpha 3.0)
  • Fully restore and give +75% HP to a monster. (Post Beta 7.4)
  • Fully restore and give +1 HP for every HP restored to a monster and give it Candy. (Post Beta 21.0, Current)


  • Blue (Rare) (Post Alpha 3.0)
  • Purple (Epic) (Post Beta 17.0, Current)