Post Beta 5.8

Previous Versions can be found here.

6.0 Janitor

Post Beta 6.0

The Janitor, added in Beta 5.8, has an unique Battlecry:

  • Give +1 ATK to monsters at its right.
  • Give +1 HP to monsters at its left.

This effect hasn't been changed, but it did gain some other changes. Starting out as a 3/3 for 4G monster, Beta 6.0 increased its HP to 4.

Beta 6.5 dropped that back to 3, but also dropped the cost to 3G, making it 3/3 for 3G. Beta 13.1 lowered its ATK by 1.


Janitor (Beta 6.5)

Post Beta 6.5


  • 3 (Post Beta 5.8)
  • 2 (Post Beta 13.1, Current)


  • 3 (Post Beta 5.8)
  • 4 (Post Beta 6.0)
  • 3 (Post Beta 6.5, Current)


  • 4 (Post Beta 5.8)
  • 3 (Post Beta 6.5, Current)

Ability: Battlecry/Enter/Magic: Give +1 ATK to monsters at its right and +1 HP at its left.

Rarity: White (Common)

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