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Heal Delivery

Pre Beta 2.0

Since its inception, Heal Delivery has undergone a series of buffs in order to increase the winrates of Kindness as well as the overall use of this card when other cards such as Asriel and Asriel Dreemurr are also valid options.
Updated Heal Delivery

Post Beta 2.0

In particular, the change in the ability of Feast in Beta 5.2 as well as the buff to Perseverance, caused Heal Delivery to see a greater buff during Beta 5.3, encapsulating the old ability of Feast as well as its main ability of healing the player.
4.2 Heal Deliver

Post Beta 4.2

In Beta 6.0, its ability was changed to fully healing all ally monsters and healing it for 30 HP, partially to counter changes to other classes such as Perseverance.

5.3 Heal Delivery

Post Beta 5.3

From Beta 7.1, nerfs were coming. It started by returning it to it's Beta 5.3 version: only healing 20 HP, while still fully healing your monsters.

Beta 7.2 changed it a whole lot by healing both you and your monsters by 15 HP, but would be x2 (thus 30) if you HP was at 5 or lower. This didn't mean much for the monsters, as most of them don't have more than 10 HP. Longevity was really the only way that they could have that high HP.

But this complicated version was removed in Beta 7.4. Instead, it returned to it's very first version: only healing you for 9G. The only difference being that it now fully heals you. Beta 8.3 buffed it by reducing its cost to 8G.

Beta 9.3 reworked it again. Now, it heals you for 25 HP, but will also remove all negative effects of your monsters and fully heal them, just like Asriel does.

6.0 Heal Delivery

Post Beta 6.0

Soul Type: Kindness
Heal Delivery 7.1

Beta 7.1 only


  • 9 (Pre Beta 2.0)
  • 7 (Post Beta 2.0)
  • 9 (Post Beta 7.4)
  • 8 (Post Beta 8.3)
  • 10 (Post Beta 9.3, Current)


  • Restore 15 HP to you. (Pre Beta 4.2)
  • Restore 20 HP to you. (Post Beta 4.2)
  • Restore 20 HP to you and fully heal your monsters. (Post Beta 5.3)
  • Restore 30 HP to you and fully heal your monsters. (Post Beta 6.0)
  • Restore 20 HP to you and fully heal your monsters. (Beta 7.1)
  • Restore 15 HP to you and your monsters. Effect is x2 if you have 5 HP or less. (Post Beta 7.2)
  • Restore 30 HP to you. (Post Beta 7.4, Current)

Rarity: Purple (Epic)

Heal Delivery Beta 7.2

Post Beta 7.2

Heal Delivery Beta 7.4

Post Beta 7.4

Heal Delivery (Beta 8.3)

Post Beta 8.3

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