Pre Beta 2.0

Current version can be seen here.
Updated Heal

Post Beta 2.0

Originally, Heal costed 2G to heal for 5 HP. Beta 2.0 reduced the cost to 1G.
5.2 Heal

Post Beta 5.2

Beta 5.2 reworked the card. It now costs 2G and only heals 3 HP, but is also lets the user draw a card upon use. This was done to parallel Heal with Poison and Protection, as those also gained the ability to draw a card when used. Beta 5.7 reduced the cost to 0G, only to be increased to 1G in Beta 7.4 and returned to 0G in Beta 10.2.

Soul Type: Kindness

5.7 Heal

Post Beta 5.7

  • 2 (Pre Beta 2.0)
  • 1 (Post Beta 2.0)
  • 2 (Post Beta 5.2)
  • 0 (Post Beta 5.7)
  • 1 (Post Beta 7.4)
  • 0 (Post Beta 10.2, Current)


  • Restore 5 HP. (Pre Beta 5.2)
  • Restore 3 HP. Draw a card. (Post Beta 5.2, Current)

Rarity: White (Common)

Heal Beta 7.4

Post Beta 7.4

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