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Goner Kid was released during the Beta 5.3 Halloween update in tandem with the Halloween themed Gaster special event.

Unlike the other three Gaster related cards on that update, Goner Kid does not have a Future effect. Instead, this card has the ability to instantly activate any Future effect you currently have, while also copying it to make them also trigger on the intended turn. However, it only copies each effect once. So having 2 or 3 of the same Future monster will only give 1 copy.


This makes Goner Kid a useful card in Bravery, or any deck using G Followers such as Integrity. Another reason it's good in Integrity is because you can use Break to return Goner Kid and place it back down again to copy and trigger the effects again.


  • Goner Kid and Monster Kid used to have the same ATK, HP and Cost. However, Beta 8.3 changed Goner Kid's stats, but not Monster Kid's.
  • When first released in Beta 9.3, Redacted was able to give Goner Kids with its Future effect. This was removed with a nerf in the same update as Goner Kid's nerf, Beta 10.1.