Glad Dummy

Post Beta 5.1

Current version can be seen here.
6.0 Glad Dummy

Post Beta 6.0

The Glad Dummy was added in Beta 5.1 as a new way to add taunt to monsters without using Protection. In Beta 6.0 it was given the taunt ability to itself as well, to increase the playability and strategy of the card.

Beta 8.3 gave it -1/+1 (so 1/6) in order to make it last longer. And it was maybe intentionally done to make its stats swapped with Mad Dummy, who is a 6/1 monster.



  • 2 (Post Beta 5.1)
  • 1 (Post Beta 8.3, Current)


  • 5 (Post Beta 5.1)
  • 6 (Post Beta 8.3, Current)

Cost: 4


  • Battlecry/Enter/Magic: Give Taunt to an ally monster. (Post Beta 5.1)
  • Taunt. Battlecry/Enter Magic: Give Taunt to an ally monster. (Post Beta 6.0, Current)

Rarity: Blue (Rare)

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