Gaster Follower 3

Beta 5.3 only

Current version can be seen here.
5.4 Gaster Follower 3

Post Beta 5.4

G Follower 3 was originally 6/6 for 6G and would kill a random enemy monster in 3 turns. This was quickly nerfed in the next update, Beta 5.4, by both increasing its cost to 7G, but also making its ability kill the monster in 4 turns.

Beta 5.7 nerfed it further by increasing its cost again, now to 8G, but also reducing its HP to 5. This was all done mostly to prevent widely used repeats with Goner Kid.


ATK: 6


  • 6 (Post Beta 5.3)
  • 5 (Post Beta 5.7, Current)


  • 6 (Beta 5.3)
  • 7 (Post Beta 5.4)
  • 8 (Post Beta 5.7, Current)


  • Future (3): Kill a random enemy monster. (Beta 5.3)
  • Future (4): Kill a random enemy monster. (Post Beta 5.4, Current)

Rarity: White (Common)

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