Blaster (Original)

Pre Alpha 2.2

Current Version can be found here.


Post Alpha 2.2

The Gaster Blaster is a Spell Card able to be obtained through Sans and Gaster, who use them as their way of damaging, as they both only have 1 ATK themselves (with Gaster even being unable to attack).
Gaster Blaster

Post Alpha 2.6

The Gaster Blaster has undergone many changes. Originally, the Gaster Blaster was an Epic rarity card, probably due to the fact that Gaster was also an Epic monster and Sans didn't give Blasters yet. It also costed 4G to use and wasn't even a Spell to begin with.
Gaster Blasted

Post Beta 3.1

Alpha 2.2 not only changed it into a spell, it also increased its cost to 8G. Alpha 2.6 increased its rarity to the current Legendary, resulting in it making a sound when used. This is the first case of a card changing in rarity, and it was the only one until Beta 8.1, when Muffet also went from an Epic to Legendary.

Beta 3.1 decreased the cost to 6G, and Beta 4.5 increased the cost to the current 7G. Beta 7.1 gave the first change in effect. Before, the Gaster Blaster did 8 damage to a target of your choice, including the healthbar of both players. After Beta 7.1, the Blaster will only do 5 damage to a player, while still doing 8 damage to a monster.
Gaster Blaster 4.5

Post Beta 4.5



  • 4 (Pre Alpha 2.2)
  • 8 (Post Alpha 2.2)
  • 6 (Post Beta 3.1)
  • 7 (Post Beta 4.5, Current)


  • Deal 8 damage. (Pre Beta 7.1)
  • Deal 8 damage to a monster or 5 damage to a player. (Post Beta 7.1, Current)


  • Purple (Epic). (Pre Alpha 2.6)
  • Gold (Legendary). (Post Alpha 2.6, Current)