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Fridge (Beta 6.6)

Post Beta 6.6

Fridge was added in Beta 6.6 alonside 19 other cards, 6 of which were other new spells, one for each class.

It stared with a cost of 2G to paralyze a monster of your choice while also giving it +5 HP, but this has been reducesd to 1G in Beta 7.1. Beta 9.3 reduced it again to 0G.

Fridge (Beta 7.1)

Post Beta 7.1

SOUL Type: Patience


  • 2 (Post Beta 6.6)
  • 1 (Post Beta 7.1)
  • 0 (Post Beta 9.3, Current)

Effect: Paralyze and give +5 HP to a monster.

Rarity: White (Common)

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