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Everyman is a relatively unique monster in that it can't be hurt during its turn. This means any attacking that it does will not result in damage to Everyman.

Keep in mind that this does not work whilst defending, unlike with cards such as Mad Dummy and Sans. As such, it's good to use this alongside one or two monsters with Taunt.

You can still use insta-kill cards such as Termination and Headshot during your turn to kill Everyman, but not by spell cards such as Worsening, punishment, or even a Gaster Blaster.

Everyman is also an Amalgamate meaning that it can be summoned by Alphys and will cost 5G.


Since Beta 19.0, it gained a Magic effect that gives +2/+2 to a random ally Amalgamate. This makes it very good alongside any other Amalgamate, but especially Lemon Bread due to it having Taunt (if it was summoned the right way), so it can protect Everyman during the enemy's turn. Not to mention that if it has Taunt, it also has Haste, so you can use Everyman to increase its damage output.

Keep in mind that it targets a random ally Amalgamate, so if you want to buff a specific one, it's best to make that be the only Amalgamate on your board.