Beta 7.1 only

Current Version can be found here.

Dog House

Post Beta 7.2

Dog House, added in Beta 7.1, was nerfed right away in Beta 7.2. It's nerf was reducing its ATK from 3 to 2, so that it would be able to be killed by the effect of Muffet's Pet. Beta 12.0 decreased its cost from 6G to 5G.



  • 3 (Beta 7.1)
  • 2 (Post Beta 7.2, Current)

HP: 7


  • 6 (Post Beta 7.1)
  • 5 (Post Beta 12.0, Current)

Ability: Can't attack. Taunt. Battlecry/Enter/Magic: Add a random Dog into your hand.

Rarity: Blue (Rare)

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