Current Version can be found here.

Dimensional box

Post Beta 8.3

While being released in Beta 8.3, it already got changed in a few hours, during Beta 8.3.2, where its Cost decreased from 6G to 5G.

The selected monster will now be stored instead of killed, meaning that it won't raise Chara's damage. It also now doesn't kill the stored ally monster when the board is full, meaning that the stored monster will take the place of the Box, just like with Lamp. This change happened because it was easily exploited with cards with powerful Dusts, like Mettaton NEO, The Heroine, and Frisk.


ATK: 0

HP: 5


  • 6 (Post Beta 8.3)
  • 5 (Post Beta 8.3.2, Current)


  • Magic: Kill a monster. Dust: Summon the killed monster (no recursion). (Post Beta 8.3)
  • Magic: Catch a monster. Dust: Release the monster (no recursion). (Post Beta 8.3.2, Current)

Rarity: Blue (Rare)