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Diamond Boy 1 (Beta 6.6)

Beta 6.6 only.

Diamond Boy 1 was released in Beta 6.6, but was nerfed right away in Beta 6.7.

This was done as before, DB1's effect also worked on itself, meaning that something as Punishment wasn't strong enough to kill it in one go. And cards like Undyne or Undyne's Spears didn't effect it at all, just like with Mad Dummy. So Beta 6.7 nerfed it to only working on ally monsters.

Beta 9.1 introduced the Armor effect, which made attacks do x less damage (x = number shown on card). Because of this, Diamond Boy 1 got a change in description. They will now get a bonus Armor (1). It didn't change the effect, though.

Diamond Boy 1 (Beta 6.7)

Post Beta 6.7


ATK: 3

HP: 3

Cost: 3


  • Your monsters take 1 less damage. (Beta 6.6)
  • Your other monsters take 1 less damage. (Post Beta 6.7)
  • Your other monsters gain Armor (1) bonus. (Post Beta 9.1, Current - Effect didn't change)

Rarity: Blue (Rare)

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