This page summarises the different types of decks (a.k.a. SOUL Types and Classes) available as well as their general play style.

Heal Beta 7.4

An example of a Deck specific effect card. The green name shows that it's exclusive to Kindness.

To see previous versions of these soul types go here.

For deck builds and further strategies go here.

There are seven different decks based on the SOUL attributes described in the game of Undertale. Each deck has its own unique ability as well as Effect Cards to go with it. Deck specific cards can be identified by the matching colour of their name at the top of the card.

In order to complete a deck one must have exactly 25 in it. This can be achieved by clicking on Cards, then Decks in the main menu and then clicking on the cards you wish to add to your deck (more info here). If you are new to the game, it is recommended to keep at least 3 Taunts in every deck as well as a Scarf Mouse or Nacarat Jester (who can Silence). Echo Flower is also a really good card for beginners.

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