Charles was added in the Beta 9.1 update, along with Receptionist 2. Previous Versions can be found here.

Charles and Receptionist 2 introduced the Armor ability and are, along with Gerson, the only monsters to have Armor for themselves.

(Diamond Boy 1 gives it to your other monsters. He also was introduced before Armor, so he got a description change in Beta 9.1 as well.)

Armor will reduce all damage it takes by the ammount in the parentheses. Charles has Armor (1), so all damage it takes will be reduced by 1. Because of this, it needs to take at least an attack of 2 damage in order to be hurt. Because of its 2 HP, it needs two attacks from 2 damage to die, or one from an attack of 3 or higher, simmilar like Mad Dummy.


Charles is very weak with only 2 ATK, so it's easily killed by Muffet's Pet. Silencing it with Scarf Mouse can also be used. (Nacarat Jester could also work, but it's not recommended.)


  • When first released, both Charles and Receptionist 2 not only had Armor (2), but also 2 HP, making them both need a damage of 4 to be instantly killed.
  • As of Beta 12.1, they both have 2/2.
  • These 2 swapped Rarities in Beta 14.0.