Previous Versions can be found here. Chara is the most powerful card in game in terms of raw stats with an amazing 99/99.
Card Skin (Chara)


When placed, Chara will deal damage to the enemy equal to the total amount of dead monsters. This includes yours as well as those of the enemy. So under normal conditions, 30 dead monsters are enough to kill the enemy.
Card Skin (Chara) 2


There are some exceptions:

Card Skin (Chara) 3

Together Forever

  • Diamond Boy 2 reduces the damage by 2.
  • Innkeeper and the Health Artifact will increase max HP.
  • Determination uses their extra life.
  • Frisk will negate the damage entirely.
    Toby Fox - Megalo Strike Back *EXTENDED* - I Miss You - EarthBound 2012

    Toby Fox - Megalo Strike Back *EXTENDED* - I Miss You - EarthBound 2012

    0:42 - 0:49


There are some ways to counter Chara. The best way is by placing Mettaton EX in order to make your opponent lose most of their gold. Another option is, as mentioned before, placing Frisk to cancel out Chara's effect entirely.

Keep in mind that cards that give you dead monsters like Resurrection and Golden Flowers will not remove the dead monsters from the graveyard, so Chara's damage will not be lowered. The Heroine will also only count upon her final death.

You might think that it could work well with Glad Dummy or Protection to give it Taunt, but you should not play this card unless you're sure you kill your opponent, as the enemy can easily get rid of a card that costs 40 gold to play.


Chara is a Determination card, and as with all cards of this rarity, it can't be Silenced. It can also only be obtained through:

  • Normal Packs (with great luck);
  • Final Packs (which you get 1 of at LV 200);
  • Special Events (on Twitter and Facebook);
  • Crafting with DT Fragments. You can get DT Fragments by:
    • Logging in 28 times in a month;
    • Reaching Diamond III or higher in Ranked. (Diamond = 2; Master = 3; Legend = 4)

Game Over

  • If Chara's ability kills the enemy player, they will see a special Game Over scene.
    • Instead of their Soul breaking, their screen will be covered in 9's.
    • Instead of GAME OVER, they see YOU DIED in red text.
    • Instead of "Determination" playing, they hear "But Nobody Came".

Card Skins:

  • Control (by Moonlightring)
  • Erase (by Darky)
  • Together Forever (by Martb.y)